Est. Year: 1989

On 20th August 1989 MCBS Congregation was entrusted with the change of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, Abu Road. This Church was founded by the end of 18th century. There are about 50 families in the parish. This parish belongs to the jurisdiction of Ajmer Diocese. The presbytery has been erected as the MCBS House. Abu Road. St. Anselm's School established to MCBS Fathers in 1999. It is a co-eductional English Medium School, affiliated to CBSE, Delhi. At Present.

it is a full-fledged and Commerce. Members of Mission Sisters of Ajmer(MSA) have been giving their services both in parish and school from the begining of this mission. The School celebrated its silver jubliee in 2014.

Address :
  Catholic Church Railway Colony, Abu Road P.O. Sirohi, Rajasthan - 307026
Telephone :
  02974 298152, 6350160967 (School)
Website :
Email : (School)
Members :
  Fr. Dominic Mundatt (Principal and Vicar)
  Fr. Joseph Kollamparampil (Procurator, Bursar)
Institutions and Activities :

  1. MCBS House
  2. St. Anselm's Sr. Secondary School
  3. Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church
  4. St. Anselm Hostel
  5. MSA Convent


Est. Year: 1991

About 12 acres of land was purchased in 1992. The Chapel and the convent were completed and blessed on 24th january 1998 by Rev. lgnatius Menezes, Bishop of Ajmer - Jaipur. The School and dispensary were constructed later on. In 2002 We upgraded the School to the higher Secondary level. In 2007 the school got affiliated to CBSE Delhi. in 2013, a new building for the senior secondary as well as the MCBS Ashram was constructed. The Church was renovated and blessed on 7 April 2013 by His Excellency Pius Thomas D'souza, Bishop of Ajmer, Sirohi also works as the headquarters of the Rajasthan mission..

Address :
  St. Paul's School P.B. No. 2, Sirohi, Rajasthan - 307001
Telephone :
  02972 220973 (Ashram)
  02972 220191 (School)
Email :
Members :
  Fr. Jomy Panathara (Principal and Vicar)
  Fr. Georgy Kaithaparambil (Procurator, Bursar and Asst. Vicar)
Institutions and Activities :

  1. St.Joseph's Parish
  2. PSA Convent
  3. MCBS House
  4. St. Paul's School
  5. St. Joseph Hostel
  6. Mission Stations - 2


Est. Year: 2003

Missionary zeal and enthusiasm prompted the MCBS missionaries in Rajasthan to open a new mission station at jalore in Diocese of Ajmer. St. Mary's Church, Jalore, was erected in 2004. We have around 50 participants for the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration. St. Paul School had its birth in 2004, and is situated close to jalore Railway station. Now we have about 1000 Students from Nursery to Class X. At present we run the parish as well as the school in rented buiding. In 2013 we purchased about 3.5 acres of land in jalore. On 2nd september 2014 the foundation stone for the new school was laid. We hope to complete the work in an year.

Address :
  St. Paul School, Rajput Sabha Bhavan FCI Road, Jalore - 343001, Rajasthan
Telephone :
  02973 226489 (School)
Members :
  Fr. Bibin Chundelikattil (Superior, Principal and Vicar)
  Fr. Tomin Kunnathettu (Procurator, Bursar and Asst. Vicar)
Institutions and Activities :

  1. MCBS House
  2. St. Mary's Church
  3. St. Paul's Sec. School

MCBS HOUSE,  Sheoganj

Est. Year: 2007

We Purchased about 15 Begas of land in shoeganj in November 2006. From April 2007. From April 2007 We started to stay in a rented building and began the initial works for a school. On July 16th 2007 we opened St. Paul's school in a rented buiding. Bishop lgnatius Menezis of Ajmer blessed the rented building and established St. George Parish on 22nd of July 2007. The School was shifted to the new buiding on july 5, 2010 which was blessed by Rev Fr Francis Kodiyan, then the Provincial Superior. Now the School is functioning from nursery to IX with 1100 students Priest's Residence was blessed in 2013. On April 6, 2013, St. George's Church was consecrated by His Excellency Pius Thomas D'sousa, Bishop of Ajmer.

Address :
  St. Paul's Sec School Sheoganj, P.O. Kesarpura Sirohi, Rajasthan - 307027
Telephone :
  02973 270011 (School)
Members :
  Fr. Jolly Kallirikkumkalayil (Superior, Principal and Vicar)
  Fr. Tony pannikode joseph (Procurator, Bursar and Asst. Vicar)
Institutions and Activities :

  1. MCBS House
  2. St. Paul's Sec. School
  3. St. George Parish
  4. Dorothian Convent

MCBS HOUSE,  Bhinmal

Est. Year: 2004

It was started as a Holy Qurbana Centre in the small city of Bhinmal in the district of Jalore. On 3rd July 2008 St. Alphonsa's Church was blessed by Bishop lgnatius Memezis St Paul's School was blessed by Rev. Fr. Francis Kodiyan the then provincial superior. The School has the strength of over 250 students from KG to Class V. A new building for the school and the house is nearing completion.

Address :
  St. Paul's School Bhagawati Nagar, Near Shrimal Nagar Bhinmal- 343029, Jalore, Rajasthan
Members :
  Fr. Jithin Vettihuruthel (Superior, Principal and Vicar)
  Fr. Tino Valliamthadathil (Procurator, Bursar and Asst. Vicar)
Institutions and Activities :

  1. MCBS House
  2. St. Paul's School
  3. St. Alphonsa's Parish


To live and promote the liturgical spirituality, to become God’s bread to the world in hunger at all levels, to search for ways of living Indian and Eastern Christian Sannyasa, to make evangelization more effective in our context, to work for ecumenism and enter into dialogue with our brethren in other religions, and to join in the growth-pangs of the nation.

MCBS Rajasthan-Gujarat Mission
PB No 2, Sirohi – 307 001
Rajasthan – India

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