Our ideal is to consecrate the entire life to the realisation of God's Kingdom (Mt 6, 10), placing the Eucharist at the core of our being.

Drawing inspiration from the age-old spiritual wisdom of Eastern Christian Monasticism and from the quest of the sages (rishis) of India for the Absolute, the MCBS tries to reach out, in and through the Eucharist, to the God-experience of our father St. Thomas, the Apostle, in his faith-surrender "My Lord and My God" (Jn 20,28).

Our Charism, sown by the Spirit as a seed in our founders, grew up to the spiritual patrimony of our Congregation. They have entrusted to our keeping for our spiritual heritage, a religious life marked by love and single-minded devotion (bhakti) to the Eucharistic Lord and missionary vitality.

This charism is to live and proclaim the Eucharistic Mystery we celebrate, to gather the children of God around the altar to "praise God in the midst of His Church, to take part in the sacrifice and to eat the Lord's supper" and to uphold the real presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Liturgical Apostolate, Eucharistic Retreat, Parish Apostolate, Proclamation of Good News, Mission towards unity, Inculturation, and Dialogue with other religions and social Apostolate form the core areas of MCBS activity.


To live and promote the liturgical spirituality, to become God’s bread to the world in hunger at all levels, to search for ways of living Indian and Eastern Christian Sannyasa, to make evangelization more effective in our context, to work for ecumenism and enter into dialogue with our brethren in other religions, and to join in the growth-pangs of the nation.

MCBS Rajasthan-Gujarat Mission
PB No 2, Sirohi – 307 001
Rajasthan – India

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