Est. Year: 1991

About 12 acres of land was purchased in 1992. The Chapel and the convent were completed and blessed on 24th January 1998 by Rt. Rev. lgnatius Menezes, Bishop of Ajmer - Jaipur. The School and dispensary were constructed later on. In 2002 we upgraded the School to the higher Secondary level. In 2007 the school got affiliated to CBSE Delhi. in 2013, a new building for the senior secondary as well as the MCBS Ashram was constructed. The Church was renovated and blessed on 7 April 2013 by His Excellency Pius Thomas D'souza, Bishop of Ajmer. Sirohi also works as the headquarters of the Rajasthan mission.

Institutions and Activities

  1. MCBS Rajasthan - Gujarat Mission Headquarters
  2. MCBS House
  3. St. Paul's Senior Secondary School
  4. St. Joseph Hostel
  5. PSA Convent
  6. Devnagri Sports Academy