MCBS HOUSE,  Sheoganj

Est. Year: 2007

We Purchased about 15 Begas of land in Shoeganj in November 2006. From April 2007. we started to stay in a rented building and began the initial works for a school. On July 16th 2007 we opened St. Paul's school in a rented building. Bishop lgnatius Menezes of Ajmer blessed the rented building and established St. George Parish on 22nd of July 2007. The School was shifted to the new building on July 5, 2010 which was blessed by Rev Fr Francis Kodiyan, then the Provincial Superior. Now the School is functioning from nursery to X with 1200 students. Priests' Residence was blessed in 2013. On April 6, 2013, St. George's Church was consecrated by His Excellency Pius Thomas D'Souza, Bishop of Ajmer.

Institutions and Activities

  1. MCBS House
  2. St. Paul's Sec. School
  3. St. George Parish
  4. Dorothian Convent